Saturday, 17 May 2014


Travel miniatures always seem very exciting. Especially when super drug/ boots put them on 3 for 2. The trouble I have is that you can never get the entire contents out of the bottle. That's where these squeezy bottles come in:
These were about £1.50 each from super drug. An initial outlay yes but what this means is that holiday toiletries will just come out of my normal budget- no special little bottles required!
I have my skin care favourites- tried and tested products that give my skin a finish that I like but if you weren't as loyal to your skin care regime then these little sets that come with magazines every so often are wonderful. This one came with Marie Clare this month (avoid if you hate the smell of roses). 
I will be decanting moisturiser, hair product (the amazing Percy and Reed's Wonderbalm that I picked up free with Elle last month), and maybe even a couple of pumps of each of my foundations into this stacking tower allowing me to take five products in the space of my foundation bottle alone- just make sure you know which is which!

I find this very useful when I go see the boy for a weekend, I really don't want to take everything but if I commute back to work(London) from Cambridge  on a Monday morning I need enough stuff to look polished and wide awake. I would love to hear how you sort out your products for the holidays!

Friday, 16 May 2014

My situation

Two months into working I realised that I needed to budget or I was going to get into debt. After 3 years of being a student and 7 months of being a job seeker (it really is a full time job if you take it seriously) having money again was amazing and the last thing on my mind was savings or even planning to make it through the month without having a week of living on spaghetti. This came to a very pointed head when I realised paying off my credit card from the previous month was limiting my spending the next month and making me continue to reach for my credit card.

Part of my decision to become more responsible is due to the boy, he's incredibly sensible with his money and I want him to feel comfortable to move in with me (in August!) without worrying that I will overspend and be unable to pay my half of the bills.

Another reason I have just started is because there is a Future learn course that has just started called managing your money which is starting to give me the tools to make this change. Please do join this if you've ever felt uncertain about finances- it's a fantastic free resource. 

I wanted to blog about this because I think it is not spoken about enough and is a very hard change to make. I hope you will share my successes and my failures and take something away that you can use in your own life. 

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