Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sustaining a long distance relationship

Sustaining a long distance relationship is something I thought I would never be able to do for a really long time. However the boy and I have been dating for just over a year now with nine months of that long distance (Newcastle-Cambridge, Cambridge-Leeds, Cambridge-London). When this first started I actually said to him that I wasn't sure I could handle long distance and the only reason I was willing to try it was because it was with him. The secret to our success- GiffGaff. Well GiffGaff can't take all the credit, we do like each other a lot, but part of the reason we are still together and as close as we are is because we both have GiffGaff and therefore our calls to each other are free. Hence we speak at least once a day, often twice. Many networks have free intra-network calls, GiffGaff just has particularly cheap pay as you go options (although the signal does just go down suddenly every so often).

If you're about to go down the route of a long distance relationship get on a network with free calls and call them when you want to talk to them. Personally I like to make calls as I walk hence why I call people rather than skyping them, but if you love Skype use it (I always end up staring at myself and then feel vaguely guilty). 

I'm sure when we move in together (August!) I'll be sharing hints and tips for how not to spend all your time together but at the moment the time we have together is quite precious and our daily calls brighten my day.

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